Working with you to keep our community strong.

Brian K. Reid – Chair 111
Lawrencetown Lane, R.R. #1
Lawrencetown, NS
B0S 1M0



Laura McLarnon – Vice Chair
Lawrencetown,  NS
B0S 1M0



Sean Ebert
519 Main Street, P.O. Box 22
Lawrencetown,   NS
B0S 1M0


Jane Baskwill
Lawrencetown, NS
B0S 1M0


Vernon Gaudet
Lawrencetown,   NS
B0S 1M0



Past Commissioners


Balcom, A.B.                      Barteaux, Dean                Baskwill, Stephen

Beals, Carl                         Beals, Clyde                     Beals, Joey

Bent, Eric                           Bent, Susan                     Bishop, F.L.

Crawford, Anthony             Doig, James F.                Eisner, Kenneth

Elliott, Edwin                      Emmett, Ted                    Emmett, Troy

Fiske, Leon                        FitzRandolph, Albert        Gates, Minard

Gesner, Robert                  Gesner, William               Gilks, Lynette

Hamilton, Edward              Hamilton, Mike                 Healy, Fred

Hope, Frank                       Larson, Clem                   Leslie, James F.

Lister, Ron                         Longley, Alan                   Lowe, Catherine

Lowe, Jason                      MacLean, Douglas           MacNeil, Maureen

MacNeil, Michael               Marshall, Gary                 McCarthy, Russell

McKenna, Michael             Merry, Eugene A.            Milo, Philip

Moore, Dianne                   O’Neil, Carol                    Porter, Shirley

Powell, Larry                      Slauenwhite, Cecil          Slauenwhite, Paul

Smith, Albert                      Spears, David                 Sproule, Frank

Steadman, Robert             Stevenson, Arch              Stultz, John

Taylor, Courtney                Ward, Ted                       White, Arleigh

White, Donald St. C.          Whitman, Allister             Whitman, C.V.

Whitman, Charles E.          Whitman, Charles V.       Whitman, Lloyd

Wilbur, Rev. Keith              Wilson, Floyd

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